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Millennials Move Towards Digital, Boomers Towards Traditional TV 07 December 2015

Connected Life Study VOD

According to Connected Life, a study of over 60,000 internet users worldwide from global research consultancy TNS, the average Millennial with internet access spends 3.1 hours a day on their mobile devices, the equivalent of 21.7 hours every week. That’s 1,128 hours or 47 days over the course of a year.

U.S. Millennials prioritize social over other forms of media, with 71% using social media daily, or 76% watching online video. This age group is also the most likely to adopt new buying methods, with 9% of U.S. millennials using mobile payment applications daily. They also continue to consume media in traditional ways (e.g. TV, radio) but with much lower frequency than older generations.

In today’s fragmented media landscape, Millennials are using even more platforms across IM, social and traditional channels. 55% of 16-30 year olds use instant messaging every day, up from 36% last year, while almost three hours a day are spent watching VOD services and TV shows on the internet, says the report.

Source : ABC News

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