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Millennials TV Consumption Grows, But Not On TV 23 November 2015

The TV industry has its lips sealed on the misery of its biggest hit shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ but we will tell you what it is actually about. A steep fall in traditional audience viewing during the conventional seven-day window. The most ad-friendly audience, the millennials have also been a part of this fall. Not because they are watching less, but watching more on devices other than TV.

As per this new data from Symphony Advanced Media (SymphonyAM), a data technology and research firm that passively measures integrated cross-media consumption,reveals that millennials are consuming TV 30% of the time, with an extra 30% of their time spent viewing via OTT VOD platforms beyond 3 days and DVR platforms beyond 7 days.

The data has some good news for Hulu. According to it, Hulu ranks highest for time-shifted network programming.

Another surprising data was about one-quarter of the millennial audience viewing programs on OTT platforms.

The biggest contributor to this change is the advent of DVR players, Roku and services like Netflix and Hulu. Due to its cheap pricing and programming, Hulu is the top choice for millennials outside of Live and DVR viewing.

Source : IB Times

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