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MTV Follows CNN In Live Streaming With Virtual Reality 26 October 2015

MTV EMA 2015 Live Streaming VR Virtual Reality


MTV has taken the hint after CNN’s live streaming of Democratic Debate became a runaway success. The red carpet pre-show & the main show  of EMA 2015 were live streamed in 360-degree VR upon its airing yesterday. Viewers were required to download the EMA’s attached mobile app (for iOS and Android devices) and have a cardboard headset for the show’s full VR experience. However, headset-free viewers could still watch it due to the 360-degree cameras capturing the event.

However, it is to be noted that MTV has been there, done that. MTV live streamed the red carpet segment of the VMAs 205 using the 360-degree VR technology when the show aired in August. It was a tremendous success and continues to be the motivation behind MTV going out to do it for other events. Also, EMA’s are a little less posh than VMAs with lesser fanfare and much lesser stakes and is perfect for a testing ground for MTV’s live streaming service.

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