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NATPE Survey Claims TV Shows Will Fuel SVOD Growth 05 November 2015

NATPE Survey SVOD Growth


As per a new NATPE survey, popular VOD platforms like Netflix and Hulu will lead the way when it comes to expected growth in the number of episodic SVOD programming hitting the market.

About 75% of NATPE have pinned their hopes with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu to be the biggest players in the programming market beating traditional networks. Adding to that belief is the poll number showing at least 54% of members expecting a growth in the number of shows in that period.

On the quality part however there is some disappointment as only 47% believe that there will be a rise in the quality of programming due to budget cuts.

While there have been statements from some execs claiming there is too much TV and some claiming there is too few, it remains to be seen how this poll looks like in a year.

Source : TBI Vision

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