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NBC Wants To Cut Hulu & Netflix Some Competition With New Comedy Streaming Service 16 October 2015

NBC Seeso Comedy Streaming Service


That was enough of waiting to bask in the sunshine after Hulu and Netflix took a break from their suntanning. NBC has no intention of running up for consolations and its new comedy only video streaming service is the first big step.

The network announced Thursday that it will be launching its first entirely online subscription Video on demand service, a $3.99-per-month platform devoted to comedy. Named ‘Seeso’, the service will feature a mixture of original content and previously broadcast TV series and late-night shows.

Netflix is telecasting Anthony Jeselnik specials, Hulu has The Mindy Project and CBS already has a streaming app. It was about time that the network that brought us Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, Cheers,Friends, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation do something about streaming comedy live with an OTT service.

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