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Netflix And HBO Leave Others Behind In The Original Content Race 25 November 2015

AT&T Acquires Time Warner

Research firm Parrot Analytics compared the demand for VOD services of HBO, Netflix and Amazon’s top 5 original titles in three different geographies: the US, the UK and Australia.

As per the findings of the report, Game of Thrones received the widest popularity across regions compared to any other show. GOT has nearly the same kind of demand in Australia as Netflix’s hit Orange Is The New Black. The demand for each one of these shows is double the demand of the next most popular title, HBO’s True Detective.

GOT has given HBO singlehandedly this kind of rampant popularity but if it was taken out of the proposition, HBO and Netflix would be at the same level with Netflix having the edge. Netflix actually overtook HBO in UK.

In terms of original content, Amazon is far behind Netflix and HBO, despite their hit show bagging several awards at the Emmy Awards this year.

Source : IPTV News

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