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Netflix Australia vs Netflix US TV Shows Library Comparison : Time to switch?


So you’ve already been using Netflix US via a VPN service. With the paid version available to Australians tomorrow, is it time to switch? This list will help you: every TV series available on Netflix US, ordered by their IMDB ranking.

IMDB Ranking
IMDb Rating
On Netflix Australia?
1Breaking Bad9.52008no
2Joss Whedon’s Firefly9.22002yes
3Doctor Who8.92005yes
4Arrested Development9.12003yes
5Twin Peaks91990no
6Mad Men8.72007yes
9Freaks and Geeks91999yes
10Parks and Recreation8.62009no
11The Twilight Zone: The Original Series91959no
12Pretty Little Liars82010yes
14White Collar8.32009no
15The Office8.72001no
16The Vampire Diaries82009yes
17Hell on Wheels8.32011no
18Peep Show8.72003no
19Sons of Anarchy8.72008no
20Alfred Hitchcock Presents8.71955no


For the full list, click here.

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