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Netflix Poised to Capture More TV Viewing Time 24 July 2015


Netflix has fundamentally changed how some people watch television, and that may eventually allow the company to raise its prices.

By releasing shows a season at a time instead of doling them out week by week, the streaming leader has encouraged people to binge watch. That means instead of watching one episode and waiting for the next one to come out, people can sit for hours consuming an entire series.

It’s a recipe that can result in people devoting huge chunks of viewing time to the VOD service, and the number of hours subscribers spend watching Netflix is actually projected to increase in coming years, according to a new study from MoffettNathanson Research.

By the first quarter of 2019, Netflix’s streaming in the United States could hit between 14.3 billion and 21.8 billion hours. That’s an increase from 8.6 billion in the first quarter 2015, according to the research company. Should that happen, Netflix would then represent 12.2% to 22.6% of all total linear TV viewing, up from its current 6%.

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