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Netflix Saves You From 130 Hours Of Commercials Per Year 18 August 2015

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While sitting (or lying down) through a major binge-fest on Netflix, did you ever stop to wonder just how many commercials you’d have to suffer through if Daredevil or the Wet Hot American Summer series was airing through a marathon on TV? To be expected, the video on demand streaming service is saving you tons of hours from the likes of Miller Lite, Allstate, Ford and movie previews.

How many hours? Well, the exact numbers obviously change from person to person, but subscribers are, on average, able to avoid around 130 hours of commercials per year when watching TV series through Netflix as opposed to regular television. That number comes from Exstreamist, which got its info from a recent survey where it was determined the average person spends around 1.5 hours a day watching Netflix, which adds up to something around 540 hours of streaming per year. Modern commercial times per hour clock in at 14 minutes and 15 seconds for broadcast networks, and 15 minutes and 38 seconds for cable channels, which means streamers are avoiding a little over 21 minutes of commercials on a daily basis. That’s almost an entire infomercial for whatever Magic Bullet version is out now.

Expand that math a little further, and you’re saving yourself roughly 5-and-a-half entire days of ads by sticking to Netflix over normal TV.

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