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Netflix’s VOD Gamble Pays Off, Idris Elba Starrer Rakes Up 3 Million Streams 29 October 2015

Beasts of No Nation Netflix


VOD service Netflix’s invasion into original theatrical-quality motion pictures has already started with the limited theatrical and fest release of Beasts Of No Nation, a film believed by its own director Cary Fukunaga and lead actor Idris Elba to be a conventional prestige release.

It’s the big man in there, Ted Sarandos. Ever since he stepped in to Netflix’s content wing, he has led the change in approach to content. That involves constant criticism of theater chains on their orthodox views regarding cinema screenings and distribution.

Despite the average to bad gross and a limited theater penetration, Netflix’s gamble has paid off. Not only has the movie been rated  high by critics, it has also been a hit with the home viewers. Considering that it was released for home viewing for 69 million subscribers of Netflix, it’s Ted Sarandos who claimed that 3 million views have already been recorded and counting for more.

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