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New Nielsen Report Links TV Watching With Household Income 14 December 2015

Amid all the dire predictions about the death of television viewing comes an encouraging reminder from research firm Nielsen: If you build it, they will watch. Nielsen released its quarterly Total Audience Report last week, taking a look at how Americans consume media. While the amount of time spent per day watching live TV has decreased by 20 minutes and the amount of time spent watching TV via DVR has stayed about the same, the amount of time spent watching media though video on demand services on a smartphone has nearly doubled.

Nielsen also discovered that people with higher income levels might own more devices, but they don’t use those devices nearly as often as those at lower income levels.

While the difference with devices like smartphones wasn’t quite as stark, the overarching finding holds: With nearly every device you can think of — PC, smartphone, DVR, tablet, gaming console — Nielsen saw greater usage among lower-income households.

Source : IB Times

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