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NotJustOk unveils to massive rebrand of music streaming platform 19 November 2018

Music entertainment blog, NotJustOK has rebranded its music streaming platform, formerly known as, MyNotJustOK, to a more user-friendly streaming service, Mino Music. With this strategic move, the Mino Music app is expected to expand their reach across the African continent as well as strengthen their hold as the go-to music streaming service in Africa.

Ademola Ogundele, CEO, NotJustOk Inc., quoted, “MyNotJustOK lacked its own identity and this made it difficult for the app to stand on its own without NotJustOk. After proper evaluation of customer expectations and current trends in the way African music is perceived, it was inevitable that a total brand refresh was needed. We went back to the drawing board, realigning our vision to recreate a brand that would be deemed strong, memorable, and sustainable. And NotJustOk strongly believes that Mino Music is that brand.”

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