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Online video streaming and the future of traditional television 21 April 2015


The way we watch television has changed dramatically in just the past decade or so. The days of sitting through commercials, waiting a week or two between episodes of your favorite shows and upgrading to a more expensive cable package just because it has one channel you like in it are mostly behind us.

Online video on demand streaming services are here, and it has dramatically altered both the entertainment we consume and the ways we consume it. Although traditional TV viewing is still the primary way consumers watch content, it is becoming more and more blended with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and other apps that allow users to watch shows of their choosing via the Internet—yet the number of traditional TV watchers also continues to rise as products such as DVR make the experience more customizable to an individual’s needs and preferences. Still, research from Morgan Stanley suggests that streaming-only households in the United States are expected to climb from 8 million in 2014 to 14 million by 2020.

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