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Orange France and Comcast seem confident of OTT future 10 February 2015


The future of content services lies in understanding the new Engagement Model. Orange France & Comcast have it figured out. Engagement means providing the means for consumers to interact; to share, binge, rewind and relive the content. It means allowing each individual the interactions they value. It means allowing consumers to immerse themselves in content by providing them with enrichment around the celebrities, content and topics they are interested in. By creating engaging experiences, white label vod providers can also facilitate a better quality of engagement between brands and the audiences that they covet, creating value for both sides (as well as a lucrative revenue stream). Comcast has expanded the market reach of their engagement-centric X1 ‘video operating system’; rolling it out across their footprint, licensing it to other MSOs and the proposed TWC acquisition and spinoff.  Orange launched a 2nd screen app for Game of Thrones with unique ‘deep-dive’ enrichment. Both operators have realized the importance of ensuring their unique experience speaks for itself and encourages users to spend more time immersing them in their world of content, rather than someone else’s.

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