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OTT Video Closing The Gap With Cable, Finds Clearleap 18 November 2015

OTT Video Cable Clearleap Survey

We have been through scores of pieces advocating how OTT video is slowly replacing cable and to be honest, some of them are ‘OTT’. But this new study from multi screen video tech company Clealeap finds that both are slowly coming to par and their numbers are more convincing.

On this survey on 1,111 U.S. consumers 18 and older, almost 78.5% stated that they were subscribed to cable while 71.37% admitted that they had at least once used a streaming service. Supplementing that fact is another data that 70.32% of the millennials surveyed used a streaming service while only 64.41% subscribed to cable. An amazing 26.48%) had never subscribed to  pay TV service.

Not only has the numbers for OTT video gone up, but also the viewer’s appetite and the willingness to spend. A staggering 42% of consumers connected to video on demand streaming services admitted to be willing to pay $10 to $25 per month for a service that brought them the choice of content.

Source : Multichannel



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