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Quarter of Europeans use VoD services


Europeans have 19 electronic devices at home on average (2014: 18), and spend eight hours a day using them; an increase of almost 18 minutes since 2014, according to the latest Techonomic Index research from Samsung. The television remains the most popular screen despite smartphone and tablets; Europeans have spent 32 minutes more than last year in front of the TV (2014: 32 minutes), this partly due to streaming and online use: 24 percent of the respondents used VoD offers in the previous month (2014: 5%).

Nearly a quarter (24%) of the Europeans asked used VoD services last month, a fivefold increase compared to 2014. More than five times more households are willing to pay for educational content (2014: 17%). The largest increase of use since last year was with household items; 84 percent of Europeans and 82 percent of Germans used cooking devices on a daily basis (2014: +12%; +15%). The continuing popularity of cooking shows, food blogs and recipes on YouTube have increased the interest in cooking.

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