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Regulators Clamp Down Heavily On TV Pirates In UAE 26 November 2015

An alleged TV pirate is to be deported after being convicted by Dubai Courts of providing illegal Internet TV in the UAE in what has been described as a milestone ruling.

The TV piracy conviction comes after the defendant was found guilty of selling IP888 TV Services. TV provider OSN has been working closely the UAE authorities in fighting TV piracy, leading a campaign against the illegal use of Dish TV across Gulf region markets.

The OSN ‘Do the Right Thing’ campaign has so seen the TV provider conduct a total of 213 raids across the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. These raids have resulted in a significant curbing of illegal distribution of illegal TV services. Several unauthorized operators have been fined, shops closed and equipment confiscated.

Pirate IPTV service providers have largely been provided illegally to western expats, committing all forms of copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement.

Distributing IPTV service in the UAE is illegal and customers must also be vigilant against accessing such service.

Source : Al Arabiya

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