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Roku working on its own voice assistant

The fall of 2018 is certainly going to be interesting for Roku as it will bring Roku Entertainment Assistant during that time.

Currently, Google, Amazon, and Apple are offering streaming-video boxes that connect with their respective voice assistants. While Roku will exhibit the new assistant and reference speaker designs at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, both devices are powered by Roku OS and come with Roku Connect and Roku Entertainment Assistant.

Roku TV and Roku Connect programs are a part of Roku’s new era of whole-home entertainment as it will allow OEM brands to make smart home entertainment devices that work with Roku OS. Addition of intelligence and convenience to connected speakers are a part of Roku’s aftermarket audio solutions which the company sees as a “win-win” situation for consumers and manufacturers.

Later this year, Roku is set to push an update adding Roku Connect and the Roku Entertainment Assistant to all of its streaming media sticks, set-top boxes, and Roku-based smart TVs.


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