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Romanians Love Surfing The Web While Watching TV 10 December 2015

The recent MEC Multiscreen Study conducted by MEC on 5,000 internet users in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Russia shows that Internet users who are not using the web while watching TV are already a minority.

More than 90% of Romanians use the Internet while watching TV, and about 80% of them do so using their smartphones. In Russia, 86% of the respondents surf the web while watching TV, the figure dropping to 76% in the Czech Republic, 75% in Hungary, and 73% in Poland.

However, despite the large scale of this trend, only a fraction of the advertisers promoting themselves on television, also motivate audiences to visit their websites and/or social media pages to engage in further consumer interaction, reads the study.

In Romania, only 32% of the brands’ TV commercials direct viewers to online, and only 61% of them have a mobile website. These figures place Romania last among the countries surveyed. Surely a lesson to learn for the Romanian VOD services!


Source : Romania Insider


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