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Samsung introduces VOD Apps for it’s Gear PhoneCast VR 09 May 2017

Samsung is providing new apps into the headset that serve as a guide to how traditional 2D content can work inside VR.

A beta version of Samsung PhoneCast VR was launched this week. This free app puts users in a 360 degree environment with a virtual display of 200 inch which is relative sized. A user would need to download a compatible video streaming service, start the app, make a selection of the preferred service after which user can interact with the app with Gear’s touchpad or the new motion controller.

Apps that are currently supported include Hulu, Crackle, YouTube, Musically, Kodi and many more.
Battery life and WiFi connectivity information are displayed under the virtual screen . Also the display’s size and position can be adjusted while watching. However there’s no integration to any social element yet. But since this is a beta version , there could be more features added down the line. Read More

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