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Sky Deutschland on binge versus linear 26 June 2015

Connected TV World Summit


Viewing habits for different top titles vary hugely amongst Sky Deutschland’s base, with non-linear and binge viewing much more popular in the case of some series than for others, according to Jörg Allgäuer, VP, corporate communications, speaking at the Connected TV World Summit yesterday.

Allgäuer said that 53% of viewers watch HBO’sGame of Thrones on its linear showing. About 34% watch it on the Sky Go TV everywhere service and 13% on the Sky Anytime video on demand service. The operator recorded a total of 2.05 million viewing contacts for the series.

Netflix’s House of Cards, for which Sky currently has an exclusive deal in Germany, on theother hand is watched by 64% of its viewers on Sky Go and only by 18% on linear TV, while.18% view it on Sky Anytime. Sky recorded 1.48 million viewing contacts in total.

Allgäuer said he believed the pattern showed the impact of viewing by different age groups.

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