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Skyville Live hopes to create magic by merging Streaming and Live production

Skyville Live, an Emmy award-winning online music series has brought iconic musicians and emerging talent together with an intimate live audience. Skyville Live studios invited an interactive environment between the performers and approximately 300 audiences. Skyville Live believes that this interaction has appealed to the live streaming audience and will only increase further.

According to Skyville Live, this model involves a unique blend of lean-back (on the big screen) and lean-forward (on phone) model of viewing. The content offered will also be hour-plus long and includes individual segments which last for few minutes. Skyville believes that this format is vital for their growth.

Skyville has collaborated with TNDV for video production. Nic Dugger, president, and owner, TNDV quoted, “Skyville Live is a shining example of how streaming video and live musical performance can be presented as a professional broadcast TV program. The dedication to quality assures that every production element across staging, lighting, video, and audio comes together seamlessly.”

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