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Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch Dishes On Live Streaming For Sports 04 September 2015

College Sports


Although MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter Live, and NFL Sunday Ticket (depending on where you live) offer live streaming packages without a cable or satellite subscription, NCAA college football does not have a similar deal. Bob Iger, the chairman of ESPN parent company Disney, commented recently that ESPN would likely offer a standalone streaming product but probably not in the next five years.

“Right now, we prefer to work with our channel partners to do that. If you’re a VOD service like that, original content is more important. The content that those services get is not first window. It’s already been on AMC or CBS or whatever the channel, so to have premium first-run content you’re competing with those networks. There’s less incentive for us to go out and create original content. We already have first-run content.”, says Roger Lynch.

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