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Smart STBs growing in demand 31 March 2016

Increase in demand for interactive TV in many developed regions is fueling the need for smarter set top boxes having mobile connectivity, HEVC codec support, 4K resolution and many others. Hence there is pressure on equipment manufacturers to satisfy the modern user’s needs. The market for STBs is expected to touch around 25 billion dollars by 2022. Smart boxes like SlingBox allows users to watch TV anywhere on their mobile devices, by connecting the SlingBox to the TV and an internet source. Boxes from Technicolor SA, Infomir LLC, and a few others support 3D viewing too. Cisco, Broadcom and Huawei are consistently producing STBs with strong networking features. Wireless connectivity is also almost a standard feature on STBs today, along with video broadcast software compatibility. 

Source: Digital Journal

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