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Spotify collaborates with Hulu for Streaming Entertainment Bundle 11 September 2017


Spotify and Hulu are partnering to offer a streaming entertainment bundle aimed at music and video subscribers on a cheaper monthly basis

It is planned to be initially targeted at U.S college undergraduates for $4.99 a month and plans to offer it for non-students as well going forward.
Hulu’s ad-supported “Limited Commercials” video streaming plan and Spotify’s full music streaming catalog without ads will be provided in this plan.

So those subscribed to Spotify’s student plan that is priced at $4.99 a month will effectively gain access to Hulu’s content that includes current seasons of many TV shows at no extra cost.
The benefit for Hulu is that even though student subscriptions will be billed via Spotify, it will get a share of the revenue from the bundle.

Student subscriptions will be billed through Spotify, but Hulu will get a cut of the revenue from the bundles, according to a person familiar with the arrangement.

Additionally, Hulu is looking at students as potential full subscribers once they graduate or are no longer eligible to avail of student pricing through Spotify.

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