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Stream And Chill In Virtual Reality: VOD Services Gear Up For VR Apps 25 September 2015

Netflix Hulu Virtual Reality VR Apps


The video on demand streaming services have both announced plans to launch new virtual-reality apps that will give users the ability to consumer content in 3D. On Thursday at the Oculus Connect conference in Hollywood, it was revealed that Netflix has teamed with Facebook’s Oculus VR to develop an app for Samsung Gear VR.  The app, which launched Thursday, features a component called “Netflix Living Room” that activates a user interface designed for the virtual-reality headset. In essence, members can get the Netflix experience on a virtual couch while wearing their Gear VR headset.

Competitor Hulu, meanwhile, expects to launch its app this fall. Its program will boast immersive 3D environments that will enable subscribers to stream the service’s 2D library of content from their VR devices, as well as any original virtual-reality content.

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