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Study Finds Families Spend More Time On SVOD Services Rather Than Money 08 October 2015

Sesame Street HBO VOD


The family demand for video on demand services have been a driving force in shaping the streaming content industry as a whole – consider the recent HBO-Sesame Workshop broadcasting deal as a prime example of the power children have in keeping subscription numbers soaring. That appetite for various on-demand experiences is only growing – and diversifying – according to new research from PlayScience, which finds that of the 78% of families that subscribe to any SVOD or media app service, more than 50% are subscribing to two or more.

SVOD and Media Apps for Families: A New Day for Watch and Play!, which surveyed more than 500 US families with kids ages two to nine, yields new insights on how families are using top services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sesame Workshop and PlayKids, while examining the content and product features that drive the most value, current and future family spending plans, as well as device platform preferences.

Among the key findings is the fact that families with children far outstrip the general US population when it comes to the adoption of mobile SVOD and media app services. While 40% of US households overall subscribe to one or more such services, 78% of families with children between the ages of two to nine use them regularly.

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