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Study reveals home viewing device stats in France 26 October 2017

According to CSA’s Observatoire de l’équipement audiovisuel des foyers study, French households now have an average of 5.5 screens and TV has the maximum penetration at 94%.

56.3 % of French homes receive TV signals via a terrestrially, down by 2.6% in the past six months. During the same period,  homes with internet-connected TVs increased by 2.8% to 54.4%.

The average number of screens in French homes has increased from 4.8 in September 2012 to 5.5 today. Homes now on average have 1.6 TVs, 1.4 PCs, 1.9 mobile phones and 0.6 tablets. About 8.3% have streaming boxes, and 28.3% have connectable game consoles.

While TVs still predominate, homes composed of single people, students, and the youth are less likely to have a TV.

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