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Super Bowl Live Stream Will Show the Same Commercials as TV for the First Time 29 July 2015

Super Bowl Commercials


All the same Super Bowl commercials you see on TV will run during the game’s live stream too for the first time next year.

CBS, which will air Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, will be the first network to match the game’s online ad load to its highly-anticipated extravaganza of TV commercials, the network said, confirming news that was first reported by Variety.

In previous years, commercials that appeared in the live stream were sold separately from on-air spots. While some of the same commercials appeared on both traditional and Internet TV platform, advertisers were never required to buy both. Some marketers, in fact, opted to just purchase the live stream if they couldn’t afford or weren’t willing to pay the hefty price tag tied to TV spots, while others skipped the digital offshoot and stuck with TV.

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