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The Biggest 4K Streaming Package Ever Is Canada-Only 06 October 2015

Rogers Canada 4K Live Streaming

We have spoken about this several times before that 4K TVs have become one of the industry’s big selling points, and tech giants like Amazon and Netflix are producing a good amount of original content in 4K. But major sports programming like the World Cup and NFL haven’t made any serious moves to broadcast in that new standard, making an upgrade to a 4K-compatible TV set a lot less compelling for an idea.

Rogers, of course, doesn’t sell hardware, and hence, has an ulterior motive in spending the big bucks necessary to pull this off. Along with its announcement of new 4K content, the company is pushing its Ignite Gigabit internet service which it claims will enable a 4K live video streaming experience on par with cable television. How cool is that!

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