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The PPV phenomenon in professional Boxing 24 March 2015


Major sports usually have a fascination with three-letter combos like NBA, NFL, WBC, UFC, EPL. Boxing, meanwhile, has been involved in the phenomenon that is PPV since time immemorial.

PPV stands for pay-per-view, which is that extra fee that cable companies ask for so fans can watch shows, like sporting events or glamorous awards shows, live and in private. PPV will also allows boxing fans experience the mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in the comfort of your own home, with  commentaries and no commercial breaks.

And why are the PPV numbers sought after in the boxing world?

Well, the bigger the PPV buys, the bigger the boxers paycheck becomes. Whatever fans shell out to afford a PPV event, part of that goes to the boxers on top of the millions they’re going to earn after squaring off each other.

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