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Theatre comes to VOD with Cinema Politica 28 April 2016

Concordia’s Cinema Politica which has been screening political documentaries and fictional shorts in theatres for the last 13 years, is entering the video-on-demand space. “It’s a new direction expanding from bums in seats to eyeballs on screens,” said Cinema Politica’s co-founder, Ezra Winton. “It’s about expanding the experience of political cinema, supporting the filmmakers and making more political cinema available to more people,” he adds. Also they will be able to stream content that couldn’t have shown in theatres.

The VOD Content will be available globally and will have documentaries like Transgender Parents by Rémy Huberdeau, A Red Girl’s Reasoning by Elle-Maija-Tailfeathers, Riots Reframed by Fahim Alam and The Corporation by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. Content will be priced from $3 to $10, along with some free content.

Source: CBC

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