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Thinkbox rubbishes Google’s TV to YouTube claims 15 April 2016

Google’s research claims that owing to the popularity of YouTube among 16-24 year olds in the UK, brands should invest around 24% of their TV budgets into YouTube. But Thinkbox, UK’s trade body for TV denies the claims. It states that the research was “ill-founded and irresponsible”.

Thinkbox claims to have used independent data from many sources like Barb, comScore, Ofcom and IPA TouchPoints to analyze video viewing of all forms. It found that live TV is 43.5% of video viewing among 16-24 year old group, live TV + catch-up + VoD is 57.5% for the same group. YouTube is just 10.3%. Facebook is 5.7% and SVOD like Netflix and DVDs account for 12.4%. Ads watched on YouTube accounts for just 1.4% of the total time.

Source: Campaign Live


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