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TV Programmers Push Netflix For Promotions 16 November 2015

Netflix Promotions ABC TV Network

When you are on a VOD service such as¬†Netflix and you choose to stream a show, the show starts. There are however a few programs like the ABC drama ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ which introduce you to 4-second long snippets laced with actresses and the networks’s soundtrack. It is passable though.


But Netflix and promotions? Yes, that’s hard to digest after what happened to Netflix’s rumored ad-testing on its programs. But give it a thought. Networks are struggling to keep themselves relevant in the business. So a short snippet and a logo-show with some introduction about the program or the network is the least Netflix can do for them. The added benefit is subscribers will finally be able to search content by network name instead of program title and content.



Now that Netflix has started allowing network logos on their respective programs and its own on its original programming, there appears a true has been signed between both where both can earn some without any butchery of sorts.
Nobody knows how it will look like five years from now, but let’s hope Netflix does not make too many friends in the TV networks industry and ‘hurt’ the user experience.

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