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TV Viewing Is Reaching Back To Where It All Began : Living Room 23 December 2015

The idea behind TV Everywhere, a five-year-old initiative by broadcasters, cable networks, and cable providers, was to let subscribers watch shows anywhere–on their phones, tablets, or computers.

But increasingly, people who use TV Everywhere are opting to watch shows and movies back on the TV in their living rooms–you know, the screen where it all started. That’s according to the just-released quarterly Digital Video Benchmark Report from Adobe, whose online marketing services track online video streaming services and TV viewing.

Nearly a quarter of TV Everywhere “authentications” happened on Internet-connected TVs in the last quarter. That’s a jump of 130% from a year ago, when Connected TVs accounted for only 10%, and it’s the biggest increase among all devices. Overall on all devices, viewing through TV Everywhere has more than doubled from a year ago.

Source : Forbes

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