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TV’s popularity 16% lower among younger viewers 18 June 2015


A new ‘Truth about Youth’ study, commissioned by UK marketing body Thinkbox, shows that TV’s popularity as a form of video consumption drops a vertiginous 16% among 16 to 24 year olds.

However, young people have always watched less TV than the average, and today TV viewing (including live, playback and the broadcasters’ VOD services) still dominates the video viewing of all ages. This generation of 16-24s simply has a more varied video diet, with TV accounting for 65% of their total video viewing compared to the UK average of 81%.

Part of the reason for this difference is explained by the fact that 16-24s are the biggest fans of watching video on new screens, such as tablets and smartphones. 30% of 16-24s’ video viewing is on these devices – double that of the average individual at 15%.

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