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Unlimited length 360 Video Streaming introduced by InstaVR 14 June 2017

InstaVR will enable streaming videos of unlimited length via their VR platform and this feature will be extended to 360-degree videos as well. Although videos don’t have a size or length limit, creators only have 500GB of monthly video bandwidth offered at the Pro account tier. Resolutions up to 8K are supported in 2D as well as 360-degree modes. Additional bandwidth can be purchased when required, or creators can simply direct their creations to videos hosted and delivered at some other location.

InstaVR’s 360-degree streaming video is being offered on Android, Daydream, Gear VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive ecosystems to name a few.

YouTube also allows users to upload 360-degree videos like any other video. However, InstaVR is not only as easy to use as YouTube but also makes creating VR experiences with built-in videos very easy without necessitating coding or any other form of VR design. Read More

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