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Using Analytics To Predict The Future Of TV Content And Distribution 11 May 2015


There are three major sets of events that happened recently, which together help predict the future of TV content and distribution:

A move towards à la carte: The attempt of distributors to shake up the price and structure of the base bundles of TV content they offer, like Dish’s stand-alone Sling TV and Verizon Fios’ Custom TV.

Over-The-Top (OTT) distributors as content creators: The moves of OTT distributors to produce their own content, like Amazon’s Transparent or the Netflixnew on VOD‘ series Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda, released today!

Direct-to-consumer streaming services: The decision of mainstream TV networks to go direct to the consumer with a stand-alone digital subscription that is not tied to a pay-TV (cable, telco, or satellite) subscription, like HBO Now and CBS  All Access.

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