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VOD Advertising Is Having A Gala Time On Cable 16 October 2015

Canoe VOD Advertising Report Q3 20115 Cable


According to Canoe, the advertising impressions for cable VOD programming have grown by 40% in the Q3 as compared to last year.

2.3 billion impressions were recorded running either as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll this year. It’s a decent growth number compared to the 1.6 billion impressions recorded in 2014. The total number of VOD ad campaigns have also shown tremendous growth registering a 51% growth, rising from 668 to 998 in a year.

The major reason for VOD advertising getting so popular with advertisers can be accredited to networks putting out their shows for streaming through their Video on demand services. This gives the new viewers a chance to watch a series right from the beginning and advertisers a chance to pitch to a bigger audience.


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