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VOD and Fibre-optic Internet subscription boost parallelly in Kenya

Following the aggressive investment in expanding internet connection to Kenyan households, fiber-optic internet subscriptions almost tripled in 2017. The growing residential fiber connections have been associated with the advent of over-the-top content providers in Kenya. VOD services have been growing in Kenya and currently, Showmax, iFlix, iROKOtv, and Amazon Prime Video have a prominent presence across the country.

Data from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) suggests that while 33269 fiber subscriptions were recorded in September 2016, after exactly one year the number of subscriptions rose to 90,534, three times of the previous year’s number. Although this figure is comprehensive and includes both fiber-to-home and fiber-to-office, the rise in the subscription is a result of the competition among companies to connect residential properties.

CA is also positive about the VOD driven fiber adoption that will have a subsequent effect on data consumption in the country. It quoted, “In future, more entertainment services such as Netflix will be delivered over broadband resulting in higher demand for broadband-based services which will likely foster the growth of fiber-optic services.”

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