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What ISP Are You Using To Stream OTT Video Today? 18 December 2015

As consumers continue to cut the cord in increasing numbers, having an Internet connection that can ably stream online video from video streaming services like Amazon and Netflix is extremely important. Especially as the quantity of 4K video content continues to rise, viewers will want to make sure that their broadband provider can keep up with Netflix’s bandwidth requirements.

Now because Netflix transfers more bits during peak Internet hours than any other site on the web, they’re in a unique position to measure the speed and overall performance of varying ISPs across the globe. That said, Netflix earlier this week updated its ISP speed index and, per usual, shared the results online. Listed below are the fastest big-time ISPs in the United States alongside their average download speeds:

Verizon – Fios: 3.83 Mbps

Cox: 3.76 Mbps

Bright House: 3.74 Mbps

Cablevision -Optimum: 3.74 Mbps

Comcast: 3.69 Mbps

Time Warner Cable: 3.65 Mbps

Charter: 3.64 Mbps

Mediacom: 3.6 Mbps

Suddenlink: 3.52 Mbps

AT&T – U-Verse: 3.48 Mbps

AT&T – DSL: 2.84 Mbps

Frontier: 2.53

Windstream: 2.47 Mbps

Verizon – DSL: 2.14 Mbps

CenturyLink: 2.02 Mbps

Source : BGR

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