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Young viewers prefer online TV viewing 05 October 2017

Young Viewers prefer online TV viewing

According to the mid-year review from Eurodata TV Worldwide and Tape Consultancy, online TV viewing has shown growing success in TV media consumption in major European markets.

The data revealed that television audience measurement is expanding and has recently been introduced in 4 countries namely France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. Other countries that are to be included in this study in 2018 by some 15 countries are Japan, Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Malaysia.

The study also suggested that Multiscreen TV viewing has become complementary to viewing on the television set and is capable of reaching a wider audience.

Computers were found to be the leading screens after TV. In France, computers represented 52% of online programming TV consumption, yet smartphones were one step ahead of computers for youth-oriented channels such as W9 in France. Tablets have become the most used device for watching TV online between 6am and 7am in the country. Mobile phone use increases in the evening.

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