Infrastructure Components & Pricing

Pay ONLY for what you use, nothing extra.
No per-user fee. No cut from your revenue.


Applicable for: One, Flex, Playout, Live

Bandwidth is a metric in streaming that describes the amount of data that can be transferred per time. Bandwidth refers to both, the capacity of your server in terms of how much traffic it can handle and how much data you are actually using. Learn More-->

Bulk Purchase Rates

For Muvi One, Flex, Playout                          For Muvi Live

BandwidthRate (US $)
100 TB$0.07/GB
1000 TB$0.06/GB
2000 TB$0.05/GB
5000 TB$0.04/GB
BandwidthRate (US $)
Upto 5 TB$0.08/GB
Upto 50 TB$0.07/GB
Upto 500 TB$0.06/GB
>1000 TB$0.05/GB

*Standard Overage Charge: $0.09/GB

Infra Management Fee

ComponentsRate (US $)
Muvi CDNOnly Infra Fees
BYO-CDN + Muvi Player$0.002/ View Hour
BYO-CDN + 3rd Party Player10% of BYO-CDN fees

*BYO-CDN: Bring our own CDN



Applicable for: One, Flex, Playout, Live* (If recording enabled)

Storage is the total space needed to store your video and audio content on the cloud. Muvi doesn’t charge for files other than video/audio. Uploading thumbnail images and posters is free and unlimited. Learn More-->

Bulk Purchase Rates

StorageMonthly Charges (US $)
10 TB$0.06/GB
50 TB$0.05/GB
100 TB$0.04/GB

*Standard Overage Charge: $0.07/GB per month



Applicable for: One, Flex, Playout

It is the process of converting a raw video file into a compatible, compressed, and efficient digital format that is capable of distribution across different screen sizes and resolutions. Encoding converts the file to play seamlessly on multiple screen sizes and auto-detects a resolution based on device and net speed. Learn More-->

Standard Overage Charge: US $0.50/GB

To obtain the discounted rates for Encoding in bulk, please contact




Applicable for: Live, Playout

The total number of hours your content is transmitted over the internet to end-users. Streaming Hours are calculated as the total duration for which your streaming server runs. *When you start a live stream, Muvi's server will start to handle the stream (encoding, processing). So Streaming Hours = Duration of the stream = Duration that the server runs

Bulk Purchase Rates

HoursRate (US $)
200 Hrs$0.85/hr
1,000 Hrs$0.80/hr
5,000 Hrs$0.75/hr
10,000 Hrs$0.70/hr

*Standard Overage Charge: $1/Hour


Infra Fees - Muvi vs Competiton

Discover the potential cost savings on bandwidth, storage, encoding, and streaming hours with Muvi's simple and effective infrastructure pricing against the competitors.

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Infra Calculator

Calculate your projected usage and costs for infrastructure components.



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