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Madhya Pradesh High Court Implements Its Own Courtroom Live Stream..

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Courtroom Live Streaming is Implemented in MP High Court...

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MP High Court Implements Live Courtroom Streaming...


From Courtroom to Viewer Devices - End to End Solutions Delivered

Live Courtroom Proceedings

Live stream 100s or even 1000s of court proceedings in real-time with our advanced courtroom live audio-visual streaming system.

Case Files and Video Archives

Effortlessly tag and archive videos with case file IDs and retrieve them with a user-friendly search, sort, and filter options.

Multiple Courtroom Streaming

Efficiently handle hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous live streams for court cases, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted access.

End-to-end Content Protection

Safeguard courtroom proceedings with Muvi's Multi-DRM, and ISO certified security infrastructure, ensuring secure delivery of judicial content.

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Live Proceedings Streaming

      • Real-time Transparency: Seamlessly integrated with CCTV cameras, a VMS, and advanced sound equipment, our Courtroom Live Audio-Visual Streaming System ensures the capture of high-quality video and audio on live streams. Real-time encoding and adaptive bitrate streaming guarantee the best viewing experience for end users, regardless of their network or device.


      • Metadata Integration: Muvi facilitates intricate courtroom metadata mapping through its advanced API integration with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and intelligence software. This ensures that relevant information, such as case details, timestamps, and participant identities, is accurately cataloged and easily retrievable.


      • Real-Time Recording: Simultaneously with the commencement of live-streaming, Muvi enables content recording in real-time and makes it available on demand, when the live stream ends.


  • Effortless Live Feed Access: Muvi efficiently captures and delivers live HLS feeds, that can be integrated/used on your judiciary portals or 3rd party platforms.
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On-demand Case Files & Videos

    • Case File and Video Archive: Easily tag each video with case file identification and archive them, Muvi's easy search, sort and filter options allows for an easy retrieval or required videos instantly whenever required allowing you to build a historical reference for each case.


    • Retriev Case files & Videos: Access archived legal proceedings anytime ensuring a comprehensive repository for legal research and historical reference. 


  • Local Storage Integration: Muvi seamlessly integrates with Local Media Asset Management systems for on-premises archiving if needed, ensuring easy retrieval of historical court data.
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Cater to Multiple Courtrooms

    • Multiple Courtroom Streaming: Muvi can successfully handle high volume of court cases going into 100s or even 1000s of simultaneous live streams, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted access.


    • Scalable CDN Infrastructure: Muvi boasts a highly scalable Content Delivery Network, efficiently managing both on-demand and live stream workloads for seamless access.


  • Low Latency On-demand Videos: Muvi's system ensures low-latency access to on-demand videos, providing quick retrieval and playback for efficient legal research and review.
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Robust Content Protection

    • DRM Protection: From live streaming to on-demand, the video stream is protected from illegal downloads, unauthorized access, and screen recordings with built-in multi-DRM

    • Other Security Features: Live or On-demand video streams are fortified with security features, including a multi-level firewall, SSL encryption, user authentication, geo-blocking, VPN detection, and more.

  • Regulatory Compliances: Muvi complies with many regulatory compliances which are required by government entities and judiciaries such as ISO 2700:2013, VPAT® Version 2.4, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and the Americans with Disabilities Act
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Key Features

That helps you transform courtroom live streams

Mobile Streaming

Access court proceedings on-the-go with seamless mobile streaming for swift and efficient judiciary updates.

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Customize your platform for individual courtrooms, adaptable through APIs & SDKs for seamless integration with third-party systems.

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Analytics & Reporting

Monitor live stream performance and track insightful analytics, revealing user behavior, popular cases, and usage patterns.

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Muvi adheres ISO 27001:2013, VPAT, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and ADA, meeting essential requirements for government entities and judiciaries.

Empower Your Legal System with Muvi

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, Muvi stands as a reliable partner in creating a transparent, accessible, and efficient legal system that meets the demands of contemporary times.

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