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With Konviare you can easily build all your product notifications on single screen -- and integrate them into your app with one line of code. Toggle delivery channels, set up the triggers, and messages for optimized delivery and engagement. Scale seamlessly without maintaining complex code.

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  • A low-code Notification Builder
  • Single API to Access Your Channels
  • Orchestrate Your Workflow
  • Third-party Solutions

A low-code notification builder

A Low-code Notification Builder

Tattle handles the hard work of notification management so development teams can focus on shipping core features. Manage delivery channels, polish copy, and brand elements, and insert variables to personalize your messages -- all without changing your production code.

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Single API

Single API to access your channels

Single API to Access Your Channels

Companies today are taking a more holistic approach to engaging their audiences. So, having a multi-channel engagement strategy - is imperative today. Konviare allows you to access all your notification channels like Email, SMS & WhatsApp through a single API.

Orchestrate your workflow

Orchestrate Your Workflow

Notifications triggered with user actions, like views, clicks, downloads, purchases are proven to increase open rates by 5 times compared to generic notifications. Konviare allows you to quickly add triggers to specific events using APIs and launch customized messages for multiple user actions.

Orchestrate your Workflow
3rd party integrations

Third-party solutions

Third-party Solutions

Easily integrate Konviare with multiple email management solutions such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Hubspot, etc.


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