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Do you know? About 75% of users add items to their shopping cart, but exit without even completing a purchase. However, it is the duty of marketers to identify such users and set up an automated notification system to encourage purchases. There are many similar use cases where your marketing and product teams need a strategy to engage actively with your users and drive purchases. This is where Konviare is useful.

Konviare gives you the ability to manage multi-channel notifications from a single screen without needing to make changes at the code level. With Konviare you can set up the triggers for sending automated event-based notifications.

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  • Build Experiences Your Customers Want
  • Trigger Notifications
  • Manage Your Notifications in Real-time
  • Analytics

Build Experiences Your Customers Want

Build Experiences Your Customers Want

Finding new customers online and retaining them is a challenge. You have to first figure out who your customers are and then figure out how to reach them. Your brand’s popularity & existence relies upon, how you reach the channels where your customers are. Konviare’s notifications help you engage customers on their favorite channels, across SMS, Email, and mobile messaging.

Build experiences_your customers want
Trigger Notifications

Trigger Notifications

Trigger Notifications

Konviare allows you to quickly add triggers for sending notifications when a particular event occurs. For Ex. You can set the Trigger to send an automated feedback email as soon the customer checks out of your property/hotel. These triggers can be added with our simple-to-use APIs. A customized multi-channel notification can be sent to the customers when a certain event is triggered.

Manage your notifications in real-time

Manage Your Notifications in Real-time

With Konviare notifications can be created, edited, and customized within seconds. Send real-time notifications in a single click and get your analytics and insights on a single dashboard.

Manage your_notifications in real-time



Konviare Analytics offers the standard set of reports for your Email notification campaigns - Read Receipts, Open Reports based on geography, Click-thorough-ratio for embedded links, etc. For SMS & WhatsApp you get reports for the total number of messages sent and delivered.


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