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Migrate your user data and notifications to Konviare!


Are you looking to migrate your existing notification platform to Konviare? Konviare is an event-driven notification engine. Konviare delivers notifications to your users based on events you define in your system. You can easily migrate your entire platform including user data that includes email ids, mobile numbers, notification templates, event triggers & other attributes, etc to Konviare in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Konviare provides you with migration and import services that help you in a smooth transition. Konviare's team takes care of everything at the backend, working in tune with your existing provider while you continue to focus purely on your business. In most cases, our customers or their users do not even notice a "downtime" when the migration is completed and the new platform hosted on Konviare goes live! It's that smooth and seamless.

  1. Once we receive your migration request, our support team will send a migration checklist with instructions on getting your Konviare account set up for the migration.
  2. After you have ticked everything off the list and set up your Konviare account, we will export the user & notifications data from your existing platform and import it into your Konviare TEST site for review.
  3. Once you have reviewed the data and given us the go-ahead, we will import the data into your Live site. 


Share your existing platform details with us at sales@muvi.com to get started.

FAQ Section


Do I need to get involved?

Apart from introducing or sharing your login credentials with Konviare Team, you do not need to get involved. Konviare team takes care of everything for you technically. You may be required for reviewing data, authorization, and the approval process, apart from that it's all taken care of by us.


Is there a charge?

Depending on your existing platform, there may be a charge from Konviare for the import/migration tools and services.

How long does Migration take?

We have migrated platforms from a few hours to a couple of weeks timeframe, this entirely depends on your existing service provider, the level of support they provide to Konviare, and the APIs they provide to support data migration.


What all platforms do you support?

We can work with any platform in the world, but to name a few major platforms. Chargebee, Notivize, Sendgrid, OneSignal, Clever Tap, Courier, etc

Migrate from any Platform

Migrate from any Platform

Migrate your event-driven notifications to Konviare, it doesn't matter which software you are currently using, you can quickly and easily migrate to Konviare using our Migration Services.

Migrate from any Platform
Migrate Subscriptions, Users, Payment Gateway

Migrate user data, notifications & associated metadata

Migrate User Data, Notifications & Associated Metadata

We migrate everything that is important for you. We ensure we go all out to see that there is no disruption at the user's end and your existing live service should not suffer because of the migration. We try our best to work with your existing service providers and migrate the users, notifications, event triggers, and their associated metadata.

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