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Do you have recently onboarded users who have watched some part of a horror film before logging off for days? Or, do you have users who only prefer movies of their favorite actors? Likewise, you may be having a wide spectrum of users that display varying in-app behavior, requiring you to engage with them in a highly personalized, relevant, and timely manner.

When it comes to engaging users, you need a solid multi-channel messaging platform. This platform should be scalable, fully integrated, and customizable with a facility to engage shoppers on multiple channels such as - SMS, Email & Whatsapp. This is where the Konviare is a great fit.

Konviare gives you the ability to manage notifications from a single screen without needing to make changes at the code level. With Konviare you can easily create, edit, and manage trigger-based notifications from a single dashboard.

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  • Be Where Your Customers Are
  • Trigger Notifications
  • Integrate 3rd Party Solutions
  • New ‍Launches
  • Limited-Time Offers
  • Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Notifications

Be Where Your Customers Are

Finding new customers online and retaining them is a challenge. You have to first figure out who your customers are and then figure out how to reach them. Your brand’s popularity & existence relies upon, how you reach the channels where your customers are. Konviare’s notifications help you engage customers on their favorite channels, across SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.

Trigger Notifications

Trigger Notifications

Trigger Notifications

Nurturing passive audiences at every stage of your customer journey, and turning them into active ones is an important aspect for every Streaming Media/OTT business. Konviare allows you to quickly add triggers, so you can send notifications for abandoned accounts, failed payments, discount offers, or personalized content recommendations. These triggers can be added with our simple-to-use APIs. A customized multi-channel notification can be delivered to the user when a certain event is triggered.

New ‍Launches

New ‍Launches

There are a variety of ways with which you can use Konviare for your Streaming Media/OTT store. One such use is sending new launch/upcoming content alerts. This is a good idea to implement for wish-listed content by your customers. Your customers can get instant alerts to watch the content as soon as they are available.

New Launches
Limited-Time offers

Limited-Time offers

Limited-Time offers

Today promotional discounts are an integral part of streaming media/ott marketing strategies. Create a sense of urgency to drive subscriptions to your website/app with limited-time offers or flash sales. Customers are most likely to see the alerts if they are sent on multiple channels like email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations

Your users begin their journey on your website/ app based on the content of their choice and interest. You can begin creating a more rounded persona of your users, based on the viewing history, in-app behavior, and daily time on the app. Utilize Konviare’s multi-channel notification platform for sending personalized recommendations to your customers.

Personalized Recommendations


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