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Offline Access. Limitless Possibilities.

Do you cater to audiences located in remote areas, on long flights, or even in regions with spotty connectivity? – Muvi Offline has you covered. You no longer have to rely on the availability of Wi-Fi or mobile data to access your streaming platform. Just share a URL or QR code, and your users are instantly transported into a world of offline content.

Redefining Offline Streaming

Instant Offline Access

Share the URL or QR code and allow your users to access the content.

Secured Offline Streaming

Keep your content secured with Muvi's robust security infrastructure.

Multi-Platform Support

Experience the power of offline streaming on any platform be it - Mobile, Desktop, or TV

Sync Content

Sync new content when connected to the internet or use a data transfer drive to sync offline.

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Offline Access | Deliver Content Anytime, Anywhere. | No Internet, No Problem.

Universal Solution to the Challenges of Unreliable Internet Access


With Muvi Offline, you can offer passengers a seamless entertainment experience while they are on the move - be it Aircraft, Trains, or Cruise Ships. Travelers can access a wide range of movies, shows, and other content without relying on an internet connection. They can simply connect to the private network, scan a QR code, or type a URL, and dive into hours of uninterrupted entertainment.


For researchers, explorers, or anyone stationed at remote locations like mountains or deep forests, Muvi Offline is a boon. They can stay updated with the latest content or indulge in their favorite shows without the need for internet connectivity.


In military bases or conflict zones where internet access might be restricted or compromised, Muvi Offline provides soldiers with a source of relaxation and entertainment. It ensures morale remains high, even in challenging environments.


For government agencies handling sensitive information, secure communication is paramount. Muvi Offline allows for confidential data sharing, training modules, or important announcements to be disseminated securely without the risk of external breaches.


Corporations can utilize Muvi Offline for confidential internal communications, training sessions, or product launches. Employees can access vital information without the risk of leaks, ensuring that proprietary data remains within the organization.


In areas where students lack consistent internet access, Muvi Offline bridges the educational gap. Students can then access this wealth of knowledge without needing an active internet connection. Whether it's a remote village school or a student traveling, learning never stops. This ensures that every student, irrespective of their location or internet availability, has an equal opportunity to access quality education and resources.

Robust Architecture

A highly resilient and scalable technology framework that leverages AWS cloud services to build and maintain a dependable and adaptable IT ecosystem.

Empower Your Content: Create an Offline Streaming Platform

You no longer have to rely on the availability of Wi-Fi or mobile data to provide access to your streaming platform. Just share the URL or a QR code, and your users are instantly transported into a world of offline content.

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