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Launch Your Global Audio Streaming Service with Muvi

Muvi One, a premier Audio On-Demand platform, offers a streamlined approach for launching and managing your audio streaming service. Featuring an HTML5 audio player with built-in DRM for superior content security, it also provides comprehensive subscriber and billing management, along with detailed analytics.

Key Features

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Nested content

Organize and manage your audio files efficiently with our nested content feature, ensuring a structured and user-friendly library for your audience.

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Add and Manage Playlists

Curate and customize playlists to cater to various listener preferences, enhancing user engagement and personalizing the streaming experience.

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Auto Play Settings

Enable auto-play for a continuous listening experience, keeping your audience engaged with uninterrupted audio content.

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Bulk Upload Audio Content

Easily upload your entire audio library in one go, saving time and effort, and instantly populating your platform with rich, diverse content.

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Multiple Audio Encoding Profiles

Muvi One supports multiple audio encoding profiles, ensuring optimal playback quality across all devices and bandwidth conditions.

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Audio Player

Offer a high-quality, customizable audio player on your platform, enhancing the listening experience with features like speed control and playlist options.

Start. Stream. Succeed

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Custom Branded Apps and Websites

Launch your audio streaming service with custom-branded apps and websites, accessible across 16+ platforms including iOS, Android, Roku, and Apple TV. Establish your brand identity with ease.

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Diverse Audio Format Support

Stream audio content in various formats without worrying about compatibility issues. Muvi audio on demand platform adapts to your audio library for seamless streaming.

Add audio in mp3, wav, aac, aiff, m4a, m4b, m4p, dvf, raw, wma, webm, flac, ogg, mpeg formats

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Content Partner Portal

Allow your music producers or artists to upload their audio content through Muvi’s Partner Portal. Manage and monetize content efficiently while maintaining access and digital rights.

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Flexible Monetization Models

Choose from various monetization methods like Pay-Per-View or Subscription models. Combine methods for maximum revenue generation, supported by multiple payment gateways and currencies.

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Built-in Audio DRM

Muvi’s DRM leverages HLS and DASH formats, providing top-tier encryption and security for your audio content. This effectively stops unauthorized access, copying, and distribution, ensuring compliance with copyright laws and safeguarding intellectual property.

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Real-Time Analytics

Access comprehensive user and revenue analytics and reports to understand listener behavior, track performance, revenue and adapt strategies based on trending content, user habits, and more.

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